First Day of Competition

Terry is part of the Deep Creek 2014 Delegation attending the 2011 Canoe Slalom World Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia. Here is his third blog entry chronicling Day 3 of his trip!

Wednesday, September 7

Today the course went hot with the c2 men’s and k1 women’s qualifications.  The first round was in the books, but Mother Nature spoke and threw us a nasty curve of wind postponing competition for the remainder of the day around four o’clock in Bratislava.  To my surprise, the competition for the day was wiped clean…no results counted, thus we must make up the day one competition once the weather cooperates, and that might not be until late tomorrow.

As many who are following may not know, this year’s worlds are a qualifying event for the 2012 London Olympics, so a lot is at stake for these world class athletes and the course here will definitely test their skills and fight.

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