Featured Venue Friday: The Frederick Fairgrounds

Located minutes from I-70, I-270, U.S. 15 and downtown Frederick, the Frederick Fairgrounds are home to many events every year that make the county recognizable on a national spotlight.

Photo from the Barbara Fritchie Classic

The Frederick Fairgrounds, home of The Great Frederick Fair, have long been a standing part of the history in the City of Frederick, as well as a point of destination for a multitude of local, statewide and regional events. The Frederick Fairgrounds feature 44 buildings and over 40 acres of limitless event opportunities.

Jacqui Nigh from the Frederick Fairgrounds stated, “This year marked the 15th Annual Frederick Running Festival at the Great Frederick Fairgrounds. We have had color runs, neon runs, mud runs and host the Frederick Marathon.  This past July, we held the 96th Annual Barbara Fritchie Classic.  Our AgSports collection includes horse shows, jousting exhibitions, Standardbred Harness Racing, horse pulls and new this year at the Fair, Racing Under Saddle. During the year, there are 5 Mexican Rodeos here at the Fairgrounds; whatever the sport may be, we can accomodate!”

Layout of the Frederick Fairgrounds

From its early existence in 1822, the Fairgrounds have been through a serious transformation. From being used only for a few weeks every year in the early 1900s, the Fairgrounds have molded into an ideal destination year round for events that suit everyone’s fancy, including big-name concerts, horse riding specials, treasure hunts and more.

The Frederick Fairgrounds boast opportunities for all to engage in the community, indulge in the history and take part in the traditions that have taken place for 155 years. To learn more about the Frederick Fairgrounds, please click here.  

Photo from the Frederick Running Festival


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