52nd Annual JFK 50 Mile Run- A History of Excellence

On Saturday, November 22nd, the 52nd Annual JFK 50 Mile Run will taking place, with over 1,000 runners set to compete. The JFK 50 Mile Run has had a long history in Maryland, starting back in 1963, one year before the beloved President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The run was initially created to increase the fitness of America, as part of the late president’s campaign for a healthy America. After JFK was assassinated, the run was changed to the JFK 50 Mile Memorial Run in 1964, in honor of him. Even though this race is open to the public, it was designed for military officers to keep up with the requirement that President Teddy Roosevelt set in which his military officers must be able to cover a 50 mile distance on foot in 20 hours.

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Inaugural Race for “10k Across the Bay”

The inaugural “10k Across the Bay” took place Sunday, November 9th with over 20,000 runners ready to be the first to win the event. For the first time since 2006, runners had their chance to run across the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The scene was perfect for the return of the crossing. At the sound of the pistol, runners were blessed with a sunny, 42 degree day which later ro10kse up into the 50’s. The event had previously been disbanded but thanks to the continuing efforts of various groups, the race was reinstated this year.

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Gone Fishin’- Charles County Is the New Hot Spot for Fishermen

With the fall season just beginning in the fishing world, many aspiring fishermen in Maryland are looking to catch the fish of the year. Whether you are a small time fisherman looking for some recreation or a competitive outdoorsman looking to win money, Charles County has everything you need. With various parks, piers and rivers of your choosing, fishing in Charles County is better than ever with tournaments almost every weekend and tons of fun to be had for you and your family.

Smallwood State Park oFLW fishing picn Saturday, October 11th to Sunday October 12th held the 2014 FLW College Fishing Northern Conference Invitational; a fishing tournament for college club teams. More than 30 teams competed for the top prize of $4,000 and qualification in the 2015 College Fishing National Championship. These teams came from colleges as far as Michigan State to as close as schools from around the east to compete for the top prize. West Virginia University took home the glory as they caught 10 bass for 32 pounds and 2 ounces. This event yearly brings in a positive economic impact for Charles County and is estimated to have a little more than $170,000 in impact. Year after year this event is a success and has shown perspective fishermen and tourists the natural beauty of Charles County.
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